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Pfaff 5487-814/01-706/02-703/01-733/11-39/2-910/04-913/52-960/64 BSx6,0

Pfaff 5487-81401-706.....1 needle chainstitch machine with front edge cutter and binding device, tapecutter and foodlifter

Renown DTN-45

Renown DTN-452 needle chainstitch elastic setter machine with front metering device and backpuller needle gauge 6mm

Singer 591 C 210 BD

Singer 591C210 BD1 needle lockstitch machine

Pfaff 487-6/41

Pfaff-487-61 needle lockstitch with differential topfeed

Pfaff 442-748/56-900

Pfaff 442-7482 needle lockstitch machine with threadcutter and pullerfeed needlegauge 22,0 mm

Pfaff 483-748/56-900/99-910-911

1 needle chainstitch machine with edgecutter and binding devicePfaff 483-748-900

Pfaff 5642-800/02

2 needle chainstitch Inline machine, needle gauge 22mmPfaff 5642

Pfaff 3306-966/11

button setterPfaff 3306

Mauser Spezial 514-4-64

2 needle 4 thread overlock machineMauser Spezial 514

Adler 168-3204

Adler 148-32041 needle high postbed (32cm) machine with roller

Pfaff 417-706/02-6/41-BSN24

IMG_99101 needle lockstitch topfeet machine with 10mm zig-zag width

Union Special 5700 APZ

1 needle chainstitch, decorativ stitch machineUnion Special 57700 APZ

Juki MO816-DD4

2 needle 5 thread safety machineJuki 816

Juki MO 2414N-BD6-307

Juki MO2414N2 needle 4 thread overlock machine

Pfaff 439-771/04-900/51-910-911

1 needle zig-zag sewing machine with underbed edgedrimmer and threadcutter, footPfaff 439lifter and back tack

Cut 10 New!

Pinking cutting lining machine  pinking machine


Shoe sole through stitching machine

HS Musterzackenstanze

Manuell Pinking cutting press


Zipper End piece Presses with vibarationfeeder

Yamato NB 2150-20F/EW

Blind way to sew buttons on duoble breast JacketsYamato-2150

Union Special LF612K101MBE16

Fast chainstitch machineUnion Special-511

Union Special 80200 BB

carpet machine

US 1099 BL

Blindstitch Beltloop with front Cutter

Union Special 56300 F

1 needle chainstitch machine with feeding footUnion Special-56300

Union Special 53400 E

crocetta – piqueta-decorative-machine




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