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Dürkopp Adler 697-403

1 needle post bed machine for sleeves on jackets with loosing fingerDürrkopp-DK-697-403

Union Special 33600 KCA

2 needle chainstitch tape hill machine for trousersUnion-Special-33600KCA

Union Special LF612 K101

Union-Special-LF612K101fast chainstitch machine

Juki AMS 210 A

Juki-AMS210Aprogramable Bar Tacker

Strobel 70

Rollpadding and chestpiece machineStrobel 70

Union Special CS 122

2 needle cylinder arm chain stitch machine with threadcutter and needle gauge 4.5mm Union CS 122-1

Union Special CS 122

2 needle cylinder arm chain stitch machine with threadcutter and needle gauge 4.5mmUnion CS 122

Union Special 92800

twin head working station  for working on t-shirts, sweatshirts and poloshirtsUnion 92800

Pfaff 3701

working station for operating trouser waist band
Pfaff 3701

Zoje ZJ 8450

2 needle split needle bar with thread cutter and automatic back tack, needle gauge 6,4 mm
Zoje ZJ 8450


zipper endpiece press with vibratorfeedingOpti

Reece 101 Fly Bar, AF CA R RE

Reece 101 Fly bareyelete buttonhole machine with adjustable Fly Bar

Pfaff 474-755/11-900/53-910/15 BLx2,4 N3,6 V3,2

2 needle postbed machine with rollerfeed, needle gauge 2,4 mmPfaff 474-755-11-900-56

Pfaff 422-6/01 ASx3,2

2 needle lockstitch machine needle gauge 3,2 mmPfaff 422-6-01

Reece 101 ED

edge cutting and sewing machineReece 101 ED

Reece 101 Imperial

eyelet buttonhole machine for jackets ands coatsReece 101 Imperia

Pfaff 5487-814/01-706/02-703/01-733/11-39/2-910/04-913/52-960/64 BSx6,0

Pfaff 5487-81401-706.....1 needle chainstitch machine with front edge cutter and binding device, tapecutter and foodlifter

Renown DTN-45

Renown DTN-452 needle chainstitch elastic setter machine with front metering device and backpuller needle gauge 6mm

Singer 591 C 210 BD

Singer 591C210 BD1 needle lockstitch machine

Pfaff 487-6/41

Pfaff-487-61 needle lockstitch with differential topfeed

Pfaff 442-748/56-900

Pfaff 442-7482 needle lockstitch machine with threadcutter and pullerfeed needlegauge 22,0 mm

Pfaff 483-748/56-900/99-910-911

1 needle chainstitch machine with edgecutter and binding devicePfaff 483-748-900

Pfaff 5642-800/02

2 needle chainstitch Inline machine, needle gauge 22mmPfaff 5642

Pfaff 3306-966/11

button setterPfaff 3306

Mauser Spezial 514-4-64

2 needle 4 thread overlock machineMauser Spezial 514




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